Google Ads Costs South Africa & PPC Management Pricing
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Google Ads Costs In South Africa & PPC Management Fee Pricing

Navigating the realm of Google Ads can be a daunting task, especially for newcomers venturing into the digital marketing landscape. Google Ads is a powerful tool that businesses in South Africa, and around the world, rely on to boost their…
Storyteller Most Reviewed Agencies South Africa

The Manifest Names Storyteller Among South Africa’s Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Companies

At Storyteller, we are passionate about helping our clients grow online. We employ simple marketing strategies to increase targeted traffic to your website and social accounts and optimize them to increase leads that turn into sales and…
Top SEO Agency South Africa Clutch

Storyteller Secures their Spot on this Year’s List of Clutch Award for the Best SEO Agencies in South Africa

Let’s face it, digital marketing and SEO have been very important industries in today’s digital age. Along with PPC and Social Media Marketing, these digital services have been shaping businesses and companies online. Storyteller knows how…
Best Payment Gateway for Shopify in South Africa

What payment gateway should I choose for Shopify in South Africa?

One of the most important decision to make when setting up your Shopify ecommerce store is which payment gateway to use to process payments online. It is crucial to establish which of the payment gateways does your ecommerce site support. When using Shopify, the options for payment gateways are:
How To Set Up Google Tag Manager (GTM) On A Squarespace 1
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How To Set Up Google Tag Manager (GTM) On A Squarespace Website

Squarespace makes it quite simple to add your Google Analytics tracking code to your website, but sometimes you want more information on how people are exploring your website. For example you might want to know how many people click on your…
How Much Do SEO Services Cost
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How to Grant User Access in Google Analytics

Once you’ve created your Google Analytics account, you can add extra users to access your information. This way multiple users can view your data. You can also create specific permissions per user, ranging from only viewing the data, to editing…
How To Get More Google Reviews
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How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

You’ve created your free Google business listing, now the next question pops up: how do you get people to review your business? The quick answer, you can send people a direct link to review it. But let’s investigate the step by step process…
ACF Fields With Shortcodes
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How to create a shortcode using Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) data

I have noticed that when Google populates the search results for this question there are actually two different questions being asked by a similar search. The first asks: How do I create a shortcode that outputs the value of an Advanced…
Single Page Application
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Single Page Applications (SPAs): How to Get Around the Tricky SEO Impact

You’ve probably interacted with AngularJS numerous times, without even realising it. AngularJS and other react-style frameworks are slowly taking over the internet. To name a few popular sites currently using the technology –,…
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The Dawn of the Google Mobile First Update

We all suspect that mobile phones are taking over the world. But do you know just how big the mobile movement really is? A few stats that Neil Patel has gathered: There were close to 150 billion mobile app downloads worldwide in 2016. If…
Travel And Toursim SEO
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The Importance of SEO and AdWords for The African Travel and Safari Industry

Back in the day when you decided to go on holiday, you went to the closest travel agent and asked them advice about destinations and accommodation options. Travel agents still exist in 2018, but by the time someone arrives in their physical…
SEO Strategy 2018 South Africa
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Why SEO Is Important For Your Company In 2018

Why should you bother with using the best SEO tactics for your website? Consider the following SEO travel company example: You’ve finally saved up enough money for that dream holiday in Europe. The dreaming phase now moves into planning. But…
How To Redirect Contact Form 7 To Thank You Page
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How to redirect Contact Form 7 to a thank you page.

UPDATED 14-02-2019 We love using the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 for the websites we build for our clients. It is extremely easy to use but very powerful and has reasonable documentation. A big plus for us is that it is a much loved plugin…
WordPress White Screen Of Death
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What is the White Screen of Death?

Oh No...My website has disappeared! Don't worry your website and all your content is probably still there, you might just be experiencing the white screen of death. The white screen of death is something many WordPress users have stumbled…
Local Map SEO
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Local SEO

How is local SEO different to traditional SEO? Traditional SEO focuses on ranking websites whenever a certain keyword is used to direct the search. However local SEO try to rank a website whenever a keyword is used within a certain geographical…
Rocket-Launch SEO Speed Test
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Page Speed: How to test it and improve your SEO

The best way to test your website for its load time and how Google views it is to use Google's own page speed insights. Since we want it to help us rank higher in the Google website and search rankings, it is important to take into account…