Identity Websites – Professional Small Business Websites

More than ever before your companies website is a critical gateway to your business. It is often the first impression a potential customer has of your business and it needs to quickly showcase who you are and how you can help them. Our aim at Storyteller is to deliver and maintain great small business websites that our clients can be proud of, but do not break the bank. So we created our Identity Website package, a product designed specifically for small businesses.

Get A Built For You Website For Only R 499 PM

plus VAT

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Having an old outdated website immediately puts your customers on the back foot and leaves them wondering if your business is also outdated and not the best option for them.

WordPress Website

We specialize in WordPress websites. Over 25% of all the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. There is a massive online community continually growing the WordPress platform with plugins, themes and integrations with useful software and services which makes it the ideal base to build our identity websites on.

Website Hosting

Hosting your business’ website in South Africa can cost you anything from R19 pm – R1500 pm. We host your website on the best hosting in South Africa which is why the Identity website package is such a good deal. Some of our clients have saved over R1000 per month just from their hosting bill when they switched over to our Identity website package.


1 Hour Of Updates & Maintenance

Each month we dedicate an hour to making sure your website is up to date in terms of the software and plugins it uses as well as making any changes you need to the website. E.g. If you need to change the price of a room or you need to update the menu of your restaurant.

Template Design

In the process of building your business it’s new website we send you between three and five template ideas and work with you to choose the best one to suit your company and what you are trying to achieve online. We then customize that template specifically for your business, creating a unique website just for you.


On Page SEO

We make sure your website, along with the content you send through to us is structured in such a way that Google knows exactly what your website is about and can place it in the appropriate search results when your customers are searching for your business.

Google Analytics Integration

A website is only as useful as the people who visit it. The more you know about those people the faster your business can grow and develop online. Google Analytics provides valuable insights into the people finding and exploring your website.


Website Security

Website downtime can cost your business at the exact moment when customers are searching for you. We make sure the hackers have a tough time corrupting your website and would rather concentrate on an easier target.

Website BackUps

No security system is full proof, servers fail, information is lost and sometimes you just click the wrong button. Never fear, we back up all our websites regularly. So your site will be back up to the way it was in no time.