How To Add An Agency, Manager Or New User To Your Google My Business Listing

When you start working with a digital marketing or SEO agency they may ask for access to your google My Business listing so they can assist you with your local SEO and Google Maps displays.

Sometimes companies have created Google accounts to strictly manage their Google assets. In this case you may be able to send your gmail address and password to the agency so that they can set up the connections for you.

However if you do not want to share any sensitive information with the agency and would prefer to do it in a safe manner there is an easy way to grant them access.

To do this all you have to do is invite the agency to be a new user/manager of your Google My Business accounts.

Please note only Owners can add or remove users, so rather make them a manager on an account so you still have ultimate control of your listing.

Add New Manager To Google My Business Listing Manage Permissions Click UsersTo add a new user or manager to a GMB listing:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. If you have multiple locations or businesses, open the one you would like them to manage.
  3. On the left hand menu click Users at the bottom of the menu.

The manage permissions window will pop up.

4. In the top right hand corner click the “add new users icon”

Add New Manager To Google My Business Listing Manage Permissions Add User

5. Enter the email address given to you by the SEO agency or digital marketing company.

Add New Manager To Google My Business Listing Enter Email Address

6. Select the user role you wish to give your new user. Eg Owner, Manager or Communications Manager. We suggest “Manager”

Add New Manager To Google My Business Listing Select Manager

7. Click Invite.The invitee will be given the option to accept the invitation and immediately become the listing manager.

Your SEO Agency will now be able to access your GMB page and make any edits or changes they need to. When the invitation is accepted you will receive an email letting you know it was accepted.

If you are wondering how to add a user to your Google Analytics account have a look at our post here.