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The Importance of SEO and AdWords for The African Travel and Safari Industry

Back in the day when you decided to go on holiday, you went to the closest travel agent and asked them advice about destinations and accommodation options. Travel agents still exist in 2018, but by the time someone arrives in their physical offices, they’ve most likely already done extensive online research. This is why Travel and […]

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What is the White Screen of Death?

Oh No…My website has disappeared! Don’t worry your website and all your content is probably still there, you might just be experiencing the white screen of death. The white screen of death is something many WordPress users have stumbled upon at least once. It is very frustrating as it locks you out of your site […]

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Local SEO

How is local SEO different to traditional SEO? Traditional SEO focuses on ranking websites whenever a certain keyword is used to direct the search. However local SEO try to rank a website whenever a keyword is used within a certain geographical area. For example: yourbusiness + city/area yourservice + city/area The geographical area can either […]