my bookings have increased three fold

A case study on the success of Ian Thomas’s new website

Ian’s sales increased by 300% within 2 months of launching his new site. Like Ian, most people do not realize how important your website is in forming the first impressions of you and your company. Your website is one of the first contacts a potential client has with you and your “brand”. It needs to quickly and clearly tell your story.

“Your website is exciting, It drew me in. I have looked at it in detail and I find it exciting. I also want an exciting site”. I was having lunch with a client and he was commenting on my new website and must have used ‘exciting’ ten times I just wanted to tell you that it feels so good to have people make such statements – well done! More importantly, from the time the website was up and running until now my bookings have increased three fold i.e. 300%. I have done no additional marketing during this time, so it is likely that the new website that you designed for me is responsible for most, if not all of this huge increase.


Take a look at Ian’s new website.