Digital Marketing + SEO For The Travel And Tourism Industry

Modern inbound travel and tourism is being driven by online interactions with potential clients through hotel and lodge websites, OTAs and travel agent sites.

Travellers spend hours online researching their destinations, looking for the best price and unforgettable experiences.

Google and other search engines like Bing are the main source of online research for travellers looking for deals and information. The limited space at the top of Google is in high demand and delivers incredible value for companies and hotels who spend the time and money to optimise their digital marketing campaigns.

When it comes to search engine marketing for the tourism industry there are two techniques to choose from search engine optimisation and paid for ads that appear at the top of the search results.

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Travel SEO

Ranking organically in the top 5 search results for a popular search term is the most powerful strategy for generating more traffic and quality travel leads. Paid for advertising for the tourism and travel industry has become a big income generator for Google and Bing so they have made the search results more stagnant to promote the use of Adwords and  other paid for marketing.

However if you and your company are an authority in your destination or travel experience your website can rank well because of your expertise. Ranking for these terms will generate many amazing leads for your company.


  • Placing at the top of the search results shows authority on a subject
  • Higher click-through rate for organic results
  • Listing remains in place no matter the daily budget
  • Payment not require per  site visitor generated


  • Can take a long time to rank ( long term strategy )
  • Certain keywords are very competitive and can be difficult to rank for
  • Rankings are fluid and continuously change
  • Requires a reasonable sized budget to be effective
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Google AdWords & Other Paid For Marketing

Paid for Advertising like Google AdWords and BingAds have shown tremendous results in bringing in valuable traffic and high quality leads for travel businesses especially in the Hotel and Safari sectors.

Paid for Adverts done right push your business right to the top of the search results, highlighting your tourism business in the most valuable real estate within the search engine listings. What is even better is that you only need to pay when your ad is clicked and brings potential client traffic to your website.

Because AdWords and Bing Ads have been shown to deliver such fantastic results OTAs and large travel agents have devoted massive budgets to being visible as much as possible for their relevant keyword searches.

But if optimized and managed right all budget ranges can compete effectively in the market.


  • Immediately get to the top of page 1
  • Only pay when your advert is clicked
  • Capture valuable data about your advertising methods and success rates


  • Can require large budgets to compete
  • When budget runs out adverts disappear

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“field guide training”
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“victoria falls lodge”
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“Kruger National Park Tour”
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